At Captain’s Freight Services we have well equipped facilities for temperature-controlled storage, advanced security systems, inventory management and multiple other services to provide you with an end-to-end supply chain service. Our purpose-built warehouses are in good hands of our professional teams that are here to provide you with instant, comprehensive and efficient solutions to match your requirements. Our global presence and extensive network of clients has led us to increase our capacity around the world. In the UAE, our warehousing operations span across four locations in Dubai and our global locations extend to Hong Kong and Miami, USA. 


An imperative segment to our business, the DWC warehouse is located in logistics city and boasts a 105,000 sq.ft. mega facility in the heart of Dubai South.

  1. A top-notch facility with 3500 pallet positions on racks. 
  2. Guaranteed climate-controlled warehouse to ensure regulated temperatures for valuable and perishable goods. 
  3. Robust open yard storage facility for out-of-gauge project cargo and enclosed open floor storage. 
  4. 18 upscale parking bays to load and unload containers simultaneously. 
  5. All-encompassing logistical amenities including reach trucks, forklifts and automated trolleys available for any requirements of storage, logistics, 3PL, packaging or consistent high demand movements. 

A part of Captain’s Freight Services’ family is based in Hong Kong to fulfill across-the-board logistical needs.

  1. Three fully-secured warehouses located at the finest Gemstar Tower in the Hunghom area of Hong Kong. 
  2. Well-equipped with professional personnel to ensure thorough inspection of items, import and export capabilities and local release of goods. 
  3. Wide-ranging value added services including pick up services within Hong Kong, adept packing, redeploying products to the terminal for same or next day flights to major international destinations.
  4. Effortless payment services presented to trading companies intending to use the freight services. 
  5. Highly customizable strategies for clients with logistical needs.
  6. Competitive freight packages on demand with affordable rates on all major airlines and courier routes.
  7. Exceptional concessions on couriers to Dubai, UAE and Miami, USA.

The DAFZA division was launched in 2004 and is quintessential to the business. The founder, Mr. J P Sharma spearheaded the ingenious concept that was niche to the electronics industry for swift churn rate of three days at the warehouse. 

    1. Two warehouses of 4000 sq.ft. each.
    2. Prevailing ‘on-hold’ amenities and supplementary value added services resulting in a growing supplier base.
    3. Administering instantaneous ‘same day’ payments on behalf of suppliers to expedite the rotation of their capital. 
    4. Specialized agreements with all major airlines to streamline the air freight out of Dubai. 

Inaugurated in 1992, our Al Garhoud location is strategically positioned outside the freezone but in the vicinity of Dubai Airport to provide privacy, ease of access and effortless movement of goods.

    1. Two warehouses of 4000 sq.ft. each.
    2. Straightforward access to just in time storage requirements. 
    3. Sea freight stuffing of goods which are outside of the freezone.
    4. Professional assistance in documentation of refund of VAT and duty where applicable. 
    5. Qualified in-house transport fleet with 15 heads and 25 trailers for container haulage.
    6. Last mile delivery possibilities with 12 pickups and 6 vans.  
    7. Specialists with a forte in sea freight to Africa and essential ties required for clearance in all major ports. 
    8. Appropriate trade licenses available to facilitate customs clearance at the port and enable the ‘trade triangle’ with our switch bill of ladle services that conceals the suppliers’ identity from the consignee.

The conveniently located JAFZA branch is in near proximity to the port and DWC airport to cater to its clients on time, every time. 

  1. A universal warehouse in the free trade zone area with comprehensive solutions for customs clearance.
  2. A perfectly placed warehouse optimizing movement of loads for clients with reduced complexity and end-to-end solutions to store goods in a duty and VAT-free zone. 
  3. Accessibility to an extensive space of 350 pallet positions on racking in addition to the substantial 150 CBM for open cargoes. 
We adhere to the regulations set forth by various governmental bodies, including those of the UAE and the USA. Our compliance extends beyond local operations in the UAE to encompass dealings with entities globally. Our primary services, which include shipping, logistics, and freight forwarding, are accessible to clients and countries that are not subject to sanction lists. Notably, this applies to regions such as Iran, Syria, Russia, Belarus, Sudan, Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and Crimea. In our commitment to due diligence, we have implemented World Check by Refinitiv to screen and verify our business engagements.