Consumer Electronics Logistics

Captain’s Freight Services was the first organization in the region to identify the niche in the consumer electronics industry and has since been a front runner in the field. We are recognized for our proficiency in the supply chain management of mobile phones and consumer electronics, our wide-ranged services include: 

  • Accessibility to international charter flights for large consignments
  • Dedicated high-value storage facilities at a contemporary warehouse located in Dubai International Airport Freezone 
  • Geographically located in the heart of the city to facilitate a straightforward distribution process 
  • Commissioned agents located in prominent cities around the world to cater to businesses with ‘on hold’ service requirements 
  • Swift and steady supply chain management 

With more than 30 years of global presence and industry focused experience, our team are here to focus on your mobile phones’ supply chain management so you can redirect your attention to the growth of your business. 

Our contracted agents are strategically located in the United States of America, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Singapore and Hong Kong. 

We are here to ensure your mobile phones are transported across the globe on-time and with immaculate care. 

We adhere to the regulations set forth by various governmental bodies, including those of the UAE and the USA. Our compliance extends beyond local operations in the UAE to encompass dealings with entities globally. Our primary services, which include shipping, logistics, and freight forwarding, are accessible to clients and countries that are not subject to sanction lists. Notably, this applies to regions such as Iran, Syria, Russia, Belarus, Sudan, Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and Crimea. In our commitment to due diligence, we have implemented World Check by Refinitiv to screen and verify our business engagements.