Our Story

Captain’s Freight Services is the epitome of accomplishment, inspiration and success. What started out as a modest business with minimal experience and employees, is now a groundbreaking logistics organization courtesy of its CEO – Mr. J. P. Sharma. 

Mr J.P. Sharma, a humble man who was simply trying to create a stable foundation for his family, took Captain’s Freight Services to new heights through perseverance and loyalty. A civil engineer by education and profession, Mr Sharma spent the early years of his career working for significant organizations across India and Libya where he saw hardships but learned a great deal in a multicultural environment while refining his managerial skills. As a sincere family-oriented man, Mr J.P. Sharma realized the insufficient educational opportunities in the 1980s for his children and decided it was time to move on from his prestigious role in Libya. 

Mr. Sharma was drawn towards Dubai as it was known for its culturally diverse population, global educational opportunities and secure environment. Little did he know where his career was headed but with the support of his family, he took on the challenge to shift his profession from engineering to logistics by merely relying on his wide-ranging experience and executive skills. The decision to take over Captain’s Freight Services from its struggling founders was a defining moment for Mr. Sharma as the business was barely afloat and the industry was extremely unfamiliar, but he took the leap of faith and has since then never looked back.  

With a zeal to reach for the sky, the CEO led by example, be it endless hours of working in the warehouse with his team or investing in infrastructure to ensure the unwavering progress of the organization. Established as a two man show in its first years, Mr. Sharma was never afraid to increase his capital, finance new machinery and hire key talent required for the business to evolve. 

A recurring eagerness to grow led Captain’s Freight Services to target a niche in the market in 1997, the upsurge of the Mobile phone industry. Mr. J.P. Sharma spotted the rapid boom in the industry at the time and seized the opportunity to be the first in the industry to provide specialized mobile phone logistics services; thus, laying the first stone of the new division of Captain’s Freight Services. 

One employee and two warehouses in Dubai has now multiplied to over 150 employees across six warehouses globally. Mr. J.P. Sharma takes pride in the foundation on which the company is built – integrity and honesty. The reputation and achievements of Captain’s Freight Services is evident in its growth, longstanding employees and well-established clientele.

We adhere to the regulations set forth by various governmental bodies, including those of the UAE and the USA. Our compliance extends beyond local operations in the UAE to encompass dealings with entities globally. Our primary services, which include shipping, logistics, and freight forwarding, are accessible to clients and countries that are not subject to sanction lists. Notably, this applies to regions such as Iran, Syria, Russia, Belarus, Sudan, Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and Crimea. In our commitment to due diligence, we have implemented World Check by Refinitiv to screen and verify our business engagements.